Improving Your Truck with an Upgraded Fuel Pump

Improving Your Truck with an Upgraded Fuel Pump

There are many ways a person can improve the performance of their diesel truck. Many times, these trucks are used for work purposes and improving things, like how the truck looks, may not be a big deal. However, improving your truck in terms of its performance can be accomplished with a Fass fuel system Duramax.

Diesel Truck Fuel Pump Upgrades

GM HD diesel trucks have injection fuel pumps, but not lift pumps. What this means is that the existing fuel pump will have to create a vacuum in the fuel line in order to pull the fuel all the way from the tank to the engine. Unfortunately, this vacuum can create a situation where a significant amount of air gets into the fuel line and mixes with the fuel being delivered to the motor. This can cause all sorts of problems from poor fuel economy and, most notably, lower levels of horsepower.

With a lift fuel pump, the truck will enjoy a constant flow of fuel to the motor. In addition, this type of pump will reduce and virtually eliminate all air that vacuum pumps can create. What this will effectively do is increase torque. This can be extremely helpful when towing a trailer or other work related equipment. It will also improve horsepower. Lastly, even with jumps in torque and horsepower, these types of fuel pumps will also improve fuel economy.

Investments that Pay for Themselves

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It’s important to understand that these parts aren’t cheap. Most of these pumps go for around $600 to $700 for the part alone. This doesn’t include any cost associated with its installation. However, when it comes to this level of improved truck performance, these types of upgrades will tend to pay for themselves over time.

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Whether you’re looking for ways to make a truck more utilitarian, like adding tool boxes for trucks, or you want to increase the power and fuel economy of your diesel truck, making a truck more usable is vital, especially if you use it for work. That’s why storage for trucks and performance upgrades should always be carefully considered. Not only will you need to determine if the cost of the upgrades are worth it, but you’ll also need to find a resource for the parts needed to upgrade your truck.