Building a Custom Home – Things to Consider When Designing the Kitchen

Building a Custom Home – Things to Consider When Designing the Kitchen

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to find the ideal home among the many homes for sale, but it is possible sometimes to find just the right plot of land to build on. When this is the case, it may be a good idea to look into house plans for sale. This can be less expensive than commissioning a totally new custom home plan, but still leaves lots of options. Special care is typically required when planning the kitchen, since this tends to be one of the more important rooms in any home.

Dish Washer RepairsMake It Functional

The first kitchen consideration when building a custom home is how best to make the kitchen functional. The main way this is often accomplished is to put the most important items in the kitchen — the stove, refrigerator and sink — in the room so that they form a triangle. This makes it easy to get to any one of these three places easily from any of the others. Should the family like to have a large kitchen with many people all cooking together, however, this may not be the best design, as people will always be getting in each other’s way. A better alternative in this situation is to have a number of separate workstations, each with a particular task in mind, such as cleanup, preparation and cooking. Make sure to leave plenty of room and keep the aisles relatively wide in case the appliances need to be pulled out for appliance repairs.

Consider the Neighborhood

While it may not matter too much to the homeowner what the kitchens are like in the other homes in the neighborhood, it can make a big difference when it comes time to sell. It isn’t a good idea to make a kitchen a lot fancier and more expensive than others in the area, or it may make it harder to sell the home.

Green Design

Not everyone is concerned with the environment, but it can pay when building a custom home to make it more environmentally-friendly. First of all, an environmentally-friendly home may be easier to sell in the future and, because of the use of energy-efficient appliances and building methods, it may also be cheaper to live in. Energy bills will be lower, which is always a good thing.